Fido's parentage

  • Breed: czech crossbreed

FIDO (Flecky)  was born on/ se narodil 8. 12. 2008 in Nová Paka.

  • Mother/ Matka: Betynka - crossbreed, owner: Mrs. Pavlovec
  • Father/ Otec: Apollo - crossbreed from Nová Paka, owners: Barborka's family
  • Siblings/ Sourozenci:
  1. Bobík (Capuccino) - now in Austria
  2. Ben (Blacky) - owners: Lábek's family - Nová Paka 
  3. Unfottunately I donť know a lot about Fido's sister.  But I know that she lives in a small village in Podkrkonoší in a family home.

video - siblings/ sourozenci

People often ask me what is Fido breed :) and they are usualy surprised he is crossbreed. But I'm proud of it. Some people claim that crossbreeds aren't good dogs for working - it isn't true!. If we are on competitions some people taunt us. But if we are winners they are so upset. Serves them right! :D


PS.: I'm sorry for my bad English ;)